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Water Treatment Activated Carbons

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Activated carbon for gases and air

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Precious Metal Recovery

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In the oil gas industry, activated carbon grades are widely used for different applications. In gas scrubbers purifying of gas treatment liquids.

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Food & Beverages Industry

CarbUSA offers wide range of  products for different applications during the various stages of the production processes .

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CarbUSA began its operation with the view of helping to bring a safer and greener world by providing high quality products, services and cost-effective solutions. CarbUSA as a global company, leading the way for all type of purification solutions based on activated carbon and some other high tech products.

GAC, PAC, Palletized carbon which are manufactured from coconut shell and coal, and value added products which are manufactured through specific after treatments such as impregnations. Where ever you are and whatever your purification problem, CarbUSA is always there to help you. CarbUSA customers are all over the world are adequately served in their purification needs by our team which comprises of specialists, researchers, consultant engineers and other well trained committed staff.

Professional advice

Our consultants and Engineers are always ready for all your questions and problems.

Technical consultancy

CarbUSA offers extensive consultancy services in all activated carbon applications. Ceycarb consultants help all our customers in designing and modification of systems for efficient and cost-effective uses of activated carbon and selection of the most economical systems out of such systems. Further, according to the application, our consultants help our manufacturing facilities to manufacture tailor-made products for your specific applications.

On-site Services

CarbUSA provides you on-site pumping and pneumatic services, material change-outs – spent carbon, catalysts, supports and filter media and disposal services of hazardous and nonhazardous spent activated carbon

Return of spent activated carbon

CarbUSA return back spent activated carbon for reactivation or regeneration with the view of contributing to a better environment, less CO emissions and less use of natural resources and ultimately sustainable greener world through CSR.

Precise Lab testing

Determining the exhausted amount of activated carbon and Carbon loading calculations

Optimum Solution

In addition to wide range of high quality activated carbon products,  CarbUSA offers wide range of industrial processes related products including molecular sieves, catalysts etc and which help to overcome our customers problems in numerous ways and can offer very  efficient and cost-effective solution.

Overall Services

In addition to the high quality products, CarbUSA always offers wide range of technical consultancy services covering from Designing stages to spent carbon removal / regeneration stages. These technical assistance and consultancy help our customers for efficient and cost-effectives uses of activated carbon.


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